Keto-Friendly Airport Snacks

Good food is hard to find... especially at the Airport! I'll share some brands I love and ways I keep my carb counts low in and around the airport....

3 years ago

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I was on 125 individual airplanes in 2018. That's right, one-hundred-and-twenty-five individual airplanes. I travel a metric f***-ton. I can tell you, without a doubt, that I've scoured many an airport lounge, convenience store, restaurant, etc to find anything that fits my macros. This, my friends, can be an insanely frustrating task! So I've done a little research and found some of the more common things I find that'll help you crush your Keto goals!

Jerky is an amazingly easy thing to find at most airports! Gotta watch out for crap jerky with a bunch of added sugars though. That'll sink you so make sure you check the labels on everything.

These are a life saver! Higher in fat, low in net carbs, and 2 sausages per serving. These little fellas are an excellent easy to snag, easy to eat snack on the road. I carry some with me wherever I go!

You have to be careful with these! Calorie counts are high and, let's be serious, you can just go Keto and eat all the calories you want! Calories matter and too many will make you fat!

These are just some of my favorites and go-to's that I can find at almost any airport. Remember, stick to your macros, check your labels, make sure you stick to your calories counts. These will help you hit your macros, keep your carbs low, and get you by anywhere in a pinch!

Mike Moore

Published 3 years ago

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