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3 years ago

Latest Post 40 Pound Weight Loss Milestone by Mike Moore

Hey fellow Keto / Low Carb friends! I wanted to introduce myself and start sharing some information on how I've tackled the Keto diet, lost 40 lbs, and maintained a healthier and happier lifestyle... all while traveling 80% of the time!

This journey for me had been a long time coming. Coming out of college, I weighed a decent 170 lbs at 5'10", was in phenomenal shape, and had a ton of energy. Fast-forward to ten years later and I was tipping the scale at over 220, drinking my weight at airport bars, eating like shit, tired all the time, and on the road almost 80%.  The situation, as it seemed at the time, was fairly hopeless.

What was striking to me was that not only had I gained fifty pounds, but I was so tired that my home life suffered. I wasn't spending enough time with my wife and my son. I slept like shit which led me to be distant and grouchy. I worked too much and I was way less effective. Things were bad.

I focused on a lot of the wrong things and the stupidest part of all of this? I couldn't see it. I was so far beyond fucked-up that I couldn't see that ignoring the basics spread into every corner of my life and negatively affected everything I did.  I had entered a spiral that was incredibly hard to get out of. And I know many of you have been there or are in the vortex now.  So I know what you're thinking:

How could I possibly work on a diet? Airport food is super heavy, I'm tired, I have no time, I don't want to workout, and I barely have any time to breathe, let alone spend extra time working out and worrying about food.

The short story here is... I found a way to get on a much healthier and life-changing track using Keto, Intermittent Fasting, and Meditation.  I'll be sharing great on-the-go foods that I find in most airports, strategies for sneaking in daily workouts, diet and fitness apps I use to track my progress, and some tips and tricks for the jet-set lifestyle.

I know this is hard. I know it requires focus. I know it's a hell of a lot easier to slam back a few drinks after visiting five different cities in a week! I know. But the great thing is... You can do this. You can improve, you can be healthier, and you can stick around a lot longer on this earth and spend the important moments with people you love.

You can do this and I'm in it with you.

- The Keto Traveler

Mike Moore

Published 3 years ago

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