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3 years ago

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Taking extra time to meditate? But Mike... I travel 80-100% of the time and barely have time to do anything for myself: You must be high!  That may be... but let me tell you about all that high-stress and the cortisol that it creates and how that can ultimately truly hamper your weight loss goals.  Daily meditation is a tremendous way to not only start your day on a positive note, but find a few minutes to focus on the most important person in the room: You.

As I talk about in Managing Stress While Traveling, you can sneak in 5-15 minutes every day to get in some mindfulness training or meditation. Personally, I use the Calm App which has a huge number of guided meditations around things all travelers and busy people deal with ever day: Stress, Anxiety, Relationships, Habits, etc.  It additionally features a number of "Master Classes" by world renowned scientists, doctors, artists, and athletes that discuss everything from better ways to eat and sleep to honing your mind to be a true Jedi weapon.

The Benefits of Daily Meditation
What are the benefits of daily meditation you ask? Well, I'm happy to report that there are indeed numerous benefits that can be found by carving out that time to focus on you. Some of the key ones are:

  1. Improvement in Mindfulness and Awareness
    Being aware and mindful of our decisions, actions, and reasons for them is one of the key ways we can take back control of our roller-coaster of thoughts that can take us down some pretty crazy paths.  Learning to recognize this and derail the roller-coaster can help us better focus and re-take the reigns.
  2. Decrease Your Stress Levels
    Meditation is known to help tremendously with decreasing stress levels. By taking that small amount of time for yourself, you can refocus on being in the now, focus on the moment you're in, and help with managing rising levels of stress. Sometimes all it takes in these moments is mere minutes to regain control during stressful situations!
  3. Increase Your Happiness
    Meditation greatly focuses on gratitude for the things in life that we have and experience.  Daily meditation is an excellent way to open up your eyes to your life, and truly experience all that life has to offer. Doing this daily will help you appreciate your life more and feel more connected with the world you live in and the people you live in it with.
  4. Gain Better Emotional Control
    Understanding situations and your reactions as they arise is a key life skill.  It helps you act with purpose and with intent. As you gain better and clearer awareness of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, you will find that you tend to make better decisions. Instead of merely reacting to stressful, complex, or hard situations, you will gain a more insightful comprehension of what your brain is actually doing.

Big Secret Reveal
Here's the secret... You can do this anywhere.  Personally, I try and sneak it in first thing in the morning and all this really requires is setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier.  If that 15 minutes of sleep in the morning is absolutely crucial for you (and I'll throw my bullshit flag if you say it is), here's some other great locations you can use:

My Challenge To You
I challenge you to try this for 30 days. Just 30 days. About 300 minutes of your time broken down into cute little 10 minute daily chunks.  If it doesn't work, I'll be incredibly surprised and would love to hear more about why it didn't for you, but I know it will.

I know this can be a game changer because I've experienced it myself. I recommend this to my friends, family, and everyone I know that talks about their stress. It's a game changer and can help you regain a sense of control, be happier, and really get back in touch with yourself while we jet-set around the world!

Mike Moore

Published 3 years ago

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